Orphan Care Partners

Inspiring Hope. Making a difference.

The devastating AIDS crisis in Kenya is worse than most could imagine. Thousands of innocent children are affected; many have lost both parents and are confronted with homelessness and hopelessness.

We’ve visited these children. We’ve seen hope restored to their faces. We’ve witnessed their triumphant spirit, joy and love. Orphan Care Partners wants to continue to help. We hope you will join us.

We are in a race to increase resources to meet the needs of the ever-expanding population in orphan care homes.  Thanks to the generous giving and sharing of resources from supporters of Orphan Care Partners, we have been — and continue to be — instrumental in meeting the needs of these amazing children.

Please take a moment to learn more about making a difference in the lives of Kenya’s orphaned children.


*UNAIDS current estimate of children (birth – age 17) who are orphaned due to AIDS in Kenya is between 980,000-1,400,000.